Will My Car Be Written Off?

Having a run of bad luck in my household, partner has a no fault accident a couple of weeks back, and I had my car hit by an old lay yesterday!
I was just wondering if anyone knows much about insurance and whether my car will be a write off.
It’s a 54 plate Mercedes SLK, she was in immaculate condition prior to being run off the road by an oap.
The car will need a new drivers wing, a new drivers door, a new alloy wheel as well a new mirror casing/housing. They will all need to be resprayed. I spoke to people today they said due to the high metalic content in the paintwork they will probably need to respray the whole car as it will stand out like a sore thumb apparently.
The car is going to a mercedes approved bodywork shop for a estimate on wednesday, I don’t want any mr bodgit garage pulling, filling or putting patent parts on. Nor do I want one side of the car to be a different colour. The car was in showroom condition prior to the accident, so I want it back in showroom condition.
I was just wondering what people thought as to this, whether it might be a write off or not. In truth, I’d rather have the car written off than having it back looking like its been in a smash due to poor repair. – The third party have accepted full responsability for the accident.
Any wisdom will be much appreciated.

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