Why Is It So Expensive To Respray A Car A Different Color?

lBecause the painter has to paint the door jambs, under the hood, under the trunk lid and the inside edges of the doors…. This is almost double the work to prep the car to paint…. It also requires more paint which is not cheap!…..
My advice is this…. You can do a lot of the prep work yourself to save money… Ask your car painter on what he wants done to prep it…. I changed a car from blue to black… I pulled all the gaskets, inner door panels, window gaskets (except windshield), headlights, tail lights, trim, side markers myself…. I degreased the door jambs of all old oil and dirt…. Then wet sanded the door jambs, under the hood, trunk lid, under the gas cap door, etc so the painter didn’t have to do this…. I had it towed to his shop and he laid down a beautiful coat of PPG Base Coat clear coat paint finish on it…. Since I did the prep he only charged me $900 to prep the outside and paint the jambs and extrior….. The $900 included the paint….
I got a $3000 paint job on the cheap because I did the prep work myself….. Everybody thought I spent a fortune…..
Also you could prep the jambs yourself….. And paint them semi-goss black yourself…… Then just have your body guy do the outside in whatever color you want…. This isnt as noticable if you do a color change and make the jambs semi-gloss black… Just make sure you use an oil based enamel paint NOT latex house paint…….. Lots of guys on a budget do this….
Here’s how….

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