When You Get A Car Written Off And The Insurance Company Pays You Out, Do They Get Rid If The Car Or Can You G?

Depends on the insurance company, Check with yours.
Some will agree the write off price for the car then deduct say £50 scrap value and give you a cheque for the lower amount. In this case they leave it to you to dispose of the car.
In either case, when you report the accident to them, tell them you are wanting to keep the car. Or if you have already reported it contact them and inform them you want to keep the car.
Most companies do not want the hassle of arranging the transportation or paperwork involved.
Do you know what Cat Write Off it will be?
If Cat D then the car is still road legal as is (Normally older car requiring a complete respray And / Or Light dents) Where the estimated costs of repair is more than the car is worth, Including Labour.
MOT is still valid but watch the Road Tax as Un-Taxed for more than 28 Days without SORNing and you get automated Fine.
If Cat C the MOT is voided because of damage and must pass a new MOT before you can use it on the road and again watch Road Tax.
Watch out if Cat C as a lot of companies will not insure them when you try to get it back on the road.
Andy C

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