Rust On Car After Paint Job!?

over a year ago i got both wings and the back of my car sprayed as i bought the car CAT D and was the wrong colour.
so i got it sprayed and i thought great! however a few months later i got hit in the back and got my bumper replaced and found the bumper was a different shade of silver to the rest of the car. in fact the bumper was the correct colour the car should be.
so i found out that the garage didnt spray the car the correct silver they just blended the silver that was already there so it look all one colour.
AND now ive recently found small rust spots on the wheel arches and paint drips where they didnt dry it properly.
now do i have a case to go back to them over a year later and tell them to do it again as they done a rubbish job the first time round?
im trying to find the receipt but no luck so far however it should all be on their records as they are quite a big garage!
any help appreciated!
thanks, Ben.

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