Questions About Comprehensive Insurance ?

I had an accident today in which I crunched the front of my care, I have 3 questions.
1. Its a Sunday, will they inspect my car on a case by case basis as everything is closed today. Or will they decide its a write off without any inspection ?
2. If they offer me money for a write off, Am I entititled to go thanks but no thanks and collect the car and fix it myself ? will this incur any extra cost ?
3. Apparently I have got a £300 extra excess charge as a young driver. When I look at the website and material I was sent, there was no mention of this. Nor was I told by the person selling me it and my insurance schedule and cover documents make no mention of this. The can only see it on the Online Portal, surly this is bad practice ? Could I complain and challange this ? Would this be good grounds, if need be to complain to the omburdsmen if need be?

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