He Took Money Off Me And Now Wants More ? And Is Threatning To Go Through Insurance?

hi there, i hit the car infront of me on the motorway in stood traffic, the guy infront braked really hard to i bummped in to him. He only had a small scratch on his rear bumper and said his car is going to go in for a paint job next week and it will probably cost another 170pounds to get the back bumper sprayed. so i paid the guy 170pounds for the spray job there and then, i had 5 people in my car who witnessed the payment but i got no receipt off him. And now 3 weeks later he has rung me and says its going to cost 1000pound, because he needs a new bumper he is trying to blackmail more money out of my so he can pay for the bonnet respray which he wanted to do before. what do i do ? ive paid him for the spray job and now he wants more money and i cant afford it. should i go trhought insurance but will be worse off ??? what do i do anyway around i will win ?

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