Classic Mgb Or Bmw 3 Series?

Quick little bit of fun, opinion poll
Im am soon to be in the market for a new car, at first this may seem like a simple choice, apparently not!
Ive got around 7500 to chuck at it, and my options are the following:
2005ish BMW 318 coupe, msport kit, leather, all the bits, modern reliable, comfort luxury you know the drill.
Or, the classic MGB GT Ive wanted since I was a wee one. On this budget I’m pretty sure I can get one with a new engine, or buy a new engine, and generally get a very good condition one, or maybe get a really good respray
I’m aware of the continuous care that comes with a classic, and to be honest, that’s part of the attraction, so no problem there, im just torn between the status and luxury of the modern beemer, and the pure soul and grin factor of the classic.
Offer a simple opinion, or if you have any extra knowledge which may help, feel free to bust it on

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