Car respray is a tough task and can cost anywhere from £600 to £6000 for full car respray and £ 80 – £ 400 per panel. Discounts on prices depend much on your willingness to accept an unoriginal colour or giving your car different colour at doors and hood.
A complete car respray can still leave scope of inconsistent colour, especially if you go for car respray to paint your car in a totally different colour.
Car respray is best handled by a professional. It really is specialist task for car respray. At first you may think it is an easy task, but on closer inspection, you find there are a lot of things involved in car respray.
Consider how far want to go with car respray. Think if you want a colour change. Also consider if you are going to spray door shuts and engine bay. Removing/fitting body kit also increases complexity of the task.

The professional car respray services now offer specialized services like respray for classic cars, bodywork respray, kit car respray etc.
Car respray becomes necessary while you find damages on the side panel, door, etc. Touch up may not be enough and you need car respray. You will then consult a professional service that can offer car respray to cover up the scratches and colour changes.
The surface first needs to be cleaned smear-free. Then the car respray mechanic fully masks the areas that are not to get a new colour.

Car respray and refinish can give your car a new look. Old, classic vintage cars get a new shining look, car respray is indeed a great restoration work. Car respray and refinish experts help you give a new look to your car, hiding the signs of mishandlings.
The price for car respray, of course will vary according to the finish quality you look to get.

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